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Sunday luck

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Can you hear it? Photo by Mike Hartley

Can you hear it?
Photo by Mike Hartley

I can’t put in words what the sound of waves means to me. It is one of the great calming influences. But it has to be live. It has to be mixed with the smell of the water. Or the feel of the sand. Or along with the sound of your bike wheels and the road the crashing of the waves.

So as I walk the shore and hear that magical sound I’m thankful for that an another day to listen to it again.

Felt great to get out and walk and shoot a bit this morning. I really have to make more time for this part of my life. Because I’m starting to realize its only what I do that counts. Not the ideas or project list or wishes or dreams. It’s about execution, creation and delivery. I should know this from my job in the publishing industry.

So as I get back in the swing from a few days of non stop work at the job that pays the bills and doctors appointments, I’m going to try to keep this roll going.

Beach and Bikes go together. Photo by Mike Hartley

Beach and Bikes go together.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Speaking of rolling I think were going to ride some bikes this weekend. I wouldn’t mind riding one of the thousands of Harley’s I’ve seen this weekend but we are going to keep it simple and do the ones without motors.

I do know this exercise feels good and I have to keep going on it.

Visiting the shore this time of year is great. The huge crowds are gone. The locals come out and traffic is tolerable. I think I’m going to spend a lot more time at the beach in the future. I’ve thought about having my ashes spread at the ocean or on the beach I love it so much.

So as this last weekend of summer for 2015 is upon us here in the northeast, I revel in the sounds and sights of the beach.

Shore grasses Photo by Mike Hartley

Shore grasses
Photo by Mike Hartley

Steps to Where? Photo by Mike Hartley

Steps to Where?
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts for Sunday September 20th 2015

  • Life is only experienced if you get up and out.
  • I’m at least 2 hours late for breakfast.
  • How does the Sun do it day after day?
  • Nothing like good friends and a good meal.
  • Last nights sky was beautiful. The stars were so bright throughout the whole view.
  • Well, almost nap time. Just kidding.


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