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A simple Friday, and it was wonderful

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What a Friday. Woke to a brief shower and clouds. That quickly cleared out to a beautiful day till about 5 or 6pm when some strong thunderstorms rolled through. Haven’t heard some good thunder in a while. But between that I got to have a wonderful lunch with my future daughter in-law. Oh yeah, my Son was able to join us also briefly for his lunch break at the Red Brick Station Restaurant and Brew Pub. And as always my better half was the one to organize this.

After a great lunch we shopped, well more accurately the ladies shopped. I snapped a few photos, I sneaked into the Sports Memorabilia store, I took packages to the car, I moved the car, and helped with crutches and a mobile walker for foot injuries. And I loved doing every minute of it because I love doing for family. She was so grateful to get out and about with a broken foot it was a pure joy to do that for her. And I got to see my Grand Dog.  And who could ask for  a better afternoon weather wise then we had here in Maryland on Friday. Or as the Natty Bo beer slogan goes. “From the land of pleasant living”

At White Marsh Photo by Mike Hartley

At White Marsh
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well then again there was the Beltway on a Friday for the trip home.

The Beltway (Baltimore) on a Friday afternoon. Photo by Mike Hartley

The Beltway (Baltimore) on a Friday afternoon.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I saw a young lady (7 years old) at the hospital Thursday. She had a pole with a tree of fluids and mobile pump attached to it. She was bald but had beautiful features for such a young person and cute little dress on. She had a phone with games on it and was laughing and playing and talking to her Mom. It was wonderful to see her smile and giggle. Almost as if she was completely free of the tubes going into her and the place she was at. It made me think that the mind is a wonderful thing if you use it properly.

So I wish that family at the hospital, the joy that I saw on this mother/daughter throwing coins in the fountain at The Avenue on Friday.

Coins in the Fountain Photo by Mike Hartley

Coins in the Fountain
Photo by Mike Hartley

And maybe they can get out and shop like these two soon on a sunny day.

Shopping the Avenue Photo by Mike Hartley

Shopping the Avenue
Photo by Mike Hartley

Always remember how fortunate you are each day. It’s a great cure for depression. As my Mom always said to me “there is always someone worse off than you, so appreciate how lucky you are.”

Which brings me to another good life point. Don’t think just because your older that young people can’t teach you something, no matter their age. A point I’ll keep in mind as I train a new guy at work that is less than half my age.

Today I’m going to try to get out and spend a few hours shooting the local area for some seasonal color which seems to be starting well already.

Seasons changing Photo by Mike Hartley

Seasons changing
Photo by Mike Hartley

Wishing everyone great health and happiness. TME




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