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Thank you BG&E and those clearing our roads

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I have had power this entire storm so far and I find that amazing. Thank you for not making me break out the Dietz Lantern. Of course the news hounds say we have a few more hours of it to go. No problem, I’m going to stay inside, watch the news of people who shouldn’t be out slip sliding away.

My Uncle Frank worked for Dietz Lantern.  Photo by Mike Hartley

My Uncle Frank worked for Dietz Lantern.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Actually a big salute to those clearing the highways and byways of our great state of Maryland. And also to those who are out and about protecting and serving the community.

Random Thoughts for Saturday January 23 2016

  • Snow is light till its sitting in a shovel.
  • Snow is beautiful and should be marveled at in its purity.
  • Snow can stick to anything.
  • I think it might be correct to say that “Mother Nature went DEEP today”
  • I wonder what I need to put out by the driveway to attract a snow plow to this street? Just kidding, I know they will get to us when they can.


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