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Stop the Snow, shadows and stings

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I had time to take a photo of the snow coming down in DC this morning but that has been about it. Life certainly has a way of changing your focus from time to time. I guess that is a healthy thing also. It was very pretty driving in that snow last night. I was also very dangerous also. I believe I saw 5 accidents on the way home. From simple single car to multiple and lots of emergency vehicles on 2 big wrecks.

Street crossing light in DC last night.  Photo by Mike Hartley

Street crossing light in DC last night.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Again a big salute to those Fire and Rescue units out in this mess. Be safe please. Boy I think of my comfy job sitting in an office building where I complain about how it’s too hot or too cool by a few degrees. These guys freeze or sweat their asses off, its dangerous and demanding in terms of lifestyle. IE – hours suck at times. I have to be careful in what I choose to complain about each day going forward.

I was working with a make shift setup in my basement doing a few photo illustrations (not this) when I saw this guy I killed last summer. I’ve been meaning to shoot him so before he wasted away to nothing I snapped a shot of him near the window. It threw kind of an ominous shadow. Which prompted the caption (Cast a big shadow and carry a big stinger)

Cast a big shadow and carry a big stinger. Photo by Mike Hartley

Cast a big shadow and carry a big stinger.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Yeah, I know I’m getting light in content here. Work can do that to you. I’m just trying to get in the habit of posting each day. And as I feel a bit better each day I hope to do more.

Random Thoughts for Monday February 15th 2016

  • Passion about a hobby is a wonderful thing. Getting time to follow that passion is another thing all together.
  • I used to be worried about getting old. Now I look forward to making it to being old.
  • I always think of the difference in reading something a person has written vs hearing them say it.
  • Driving is a team sport people. Stop doing it like you’re the only player on the field.
  • I must be getting up there in years. The Grammy’s mean nothing to me anymore.
  • Pictures on my walls, help me keep my memories fresh.


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