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An early start to the weekend and a new tool

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I live for weekends. I try to keep some fun packed into weekdays but time constraints make it hard. And by fun I mean shooting and working on my writing, spending time with family and friends. Hell yeah. And this weekend provides me some free time and also the excitement of getting a decent lens for my Nikon D7100 body. You see I’ve been using two very old zoom lenses. They were purchased with a Nikon 4o04n system many moons ago. Nikon should be proud of the durability and clarity they provided.

Surfing into the weekend. Photo by Mike Hartley

Surfing into the weekend.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So I’m headed down to Service Photo for a new piece of glass. I’m pretty sure of the one I would like but I’m going to be open to expert advice. I’m also going to pick up a good tripod. I’ve been using my parents one from the 1950’s and that is about shot also. I believe I’m going to purchase the Nikkor 18-300mm 3.5 – 5.6. Its strange when you drop that much change ($) and that still not be considered a professional lens.

I don’t give a rats ass, it will be a huge upgrade to my previous glass and operation. I’m so looking forward to it. I felt great when I got that D7100 body a few years ago. Now I have to translate this energy into shooting and really learning the hardware. Once I get that down I can take the next step.

That will be a big one. The purchase of Lightroom and or Photoshop. Been at least 2 decades since I used Photoshop. I’m sure its light years ahead of where it was. And judging by the things I see a few bloggers I follow, they do wonderful things. I’ve been avoiding it for a few reasons till now. First is financial. Second is time. Those programs and techniques and just learning them is a monumental time consumer. Yeah you get some of the finest images possible if you become good at it. You get professional quality. But till now the 80-20 rule has made me happy.

Being only one person I worry how much time is consumed in front of the computer instead of behind the lens where I still need a lot of practice. So a step at a time. Being content and getting the maximum of what tools and time I have. And enjoying the journey.

Random Thoughts for Wednesday June 1st 2016

  • I wonder if I was writing longhand instead of typing, if I would think more about the words I choose to use or the thought I’m trying to express?
  • When I find myself getting wrapped up in my myself I try to do a reset and start from scratch again.
  • Felt like I had a setback today, but I didn’t spend the day bitching about it. I’m learning.
  • I can’t wait to sit down with my whole family for dinner on Friday.

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