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Catching a ride

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A couple of my friends have purchased bikes lately. I used to ride quiet a bit myself when I was younger. I still enjoy it when we go to the beach. Used to live in a county where you could ride just about anywhere with relative safety. But those days are long gone and you have to be selective where and when you ride. Also we seem to have less tolerance for each other. I’ve seen bikers who think they own the road. I’ve seen cars and trucks ignore bikers and even run them off the road.

Bikes for all ages. Photo by Mike Hartley

Bikes for all ages.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Shot this in Westminster the other day outside the Race Pace bike shop. If I’m not mistaken this was a little bike shop that started in Howard County in Normandy shopping center. Then again my memory and desire to dig into the facts on when they did start is limited. What I do know is they seem to be riding a wave of success in the area and have 5 shops now.

So being my wife has put the brakes on me riding a two-wheel unit with a motor, I might have to investigate one without the motor. It would probably help my health. Maybe I’ll start by reconditioning my daughters bike and testing it to see if I still have the desire after a ride or two.

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