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I got the Sunday morning blues

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Starting out this Sunday a little blue. Not ready for the weekend to come to an end and dreading a full week of work ahead. While I’m glad to have a job. And I do like the work I have done and do. I would much rather things be on my timetable and doing work I love instead. And the financial independence thing is ultra appealing.

Blue Windows Photo by Mike Hartley

Blue Windows
Photo by Mike Hartley

I should have started actions to accomplish that long ago for that wish to be fulfilled. Of course back then I didn’t know what I wanted or what would be important to me at almost 60 years old. I foolishly ignored that lesson as youngster. Time is the most important thing. Having fun and being happy is the way to spend that time. Yes a good challenge mixed in but in something you like to do. Or work that you find important which might just be doing things for others.

Whatever it is I hope I can communicate to my family to start working towards those things early in life and if you’re fortunate and keep plugging away then they can happen. I went along with the ride far to long. But I can’t complain. I still have an opportunity each day to give it a new shot at happening.

If you’re spending most of it doing something you would choose far down the list then take action now to make sure that one day your priorities are at the top. I’m not here to give retirement advice or tell you how to financially make it possible, I’m here to say that don’t find yourself wanting to be doing something else but controlled by another set of circumstances that you could have changed if you thought and acted about it earlier.

Continued thoughts on Blue – –

Are you feeling blue? I like listening to the blues. Being I work in the printing industry if someone ask you what color blue is, that is you will hear the answer Cyan.

Our family once owned a Larkspur Blue 57 Chevy followed by a 64 Dodge Dart that I think was a Valiant Blue. Followed by a 72 Dodge Dart Swinger that was Fire Blue. Actually those were my parents cars except the last one which I help purchase. Let me see, what else was blue. Oh yeah, I bought a used Blue Audi 5000 once. Didn’t have that long. Interesting what and how a color of a car is chosen. Most of the time in my life the color had no bearing at all on the purchase. Did it run right and was the body/interior intact. But this last car I choose a color. Soul Red and I liked having that as part of the decision because its me.

Funniest joke involving blue was by Larry the Cable Guy.   “I used to be a lifeguard till some blue kid got me fired.”



  • Sundays, the last relaxing morning of the week.
  • I think the reason I like sunrises so much is that they are shared by so few.
  • I’ve got to be smarter how I spend and use my time here.
  • It’s interesting how friendships evolve.
  • It’s a shame to have to vote for someone you don’t believe in to avoid someone that scares the hell out of you.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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