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Hanging in there

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Sometimes I feel like I’m barely holding on. Even for those of us who supposedly have our acts together (no diagnosed mental issues) life can be a tough road sometimes. I always try to remind myself how fortunate I am, and I really am so its easy to reinforce that if I don’t bow to the stress and look at things negatively or let them overwhelm me.

Barely hanging on today Photo by Mike Hartley

Barely hanging on today
Photo by Mike Hartley

But it’s so easy to let that stress eat away at you. Next thing you know you’re short on sleep one or two or 8 nights. A few other things happen and you’re feeling like a 6 lb test fishing line with a 200 lb Grouper on the other end. Today was one of those days. A combination of a couple of days of pain and worry about other important people, stress about the job that pays the bills and a few other things.

But tomorrow is another day with maybe some of the same but maybe some new challenges. And days come and go so fast now I don’t have the time for worry that I used to.

I don’t know when I got better and more relaxed at handling stress. Maybe it was the cancer that changed my perspective and made me realize its mostly small stuff (not physical pain though). Maybe because I’m more relaxed with myself and what I’ve done in my career and life. Having a wonderful family and great group of friends certainly helps a lot in tough times. Whatever it is that lets me handle the stresses of life better, I’m thankful for it and to you all.

It’s good to be appreciative even in the tough times. So here’s hoping for a good Tuesday when I can get back in that creative mode. And I hope everyone continues to “hang in there.”

Sorry to complain. I ran short on time today and just went with a feeling when I saw this shot I took of the basket.

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