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Normal wear and tear

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Sometimes age and wear shows character. As I age I’m showing signs of wear. My beard is going grey. There is an occasional grey stalk on my head and a few on my chest. oops, (tmi) sorry, I’ll stop there with the spread of grey. To me it’s just a part of growing up. Not that my better half would acknowledge that I’ve grown up at all. Maybe she is just talking mentally? I’m fine with it all (the grey) and while I wish it was happening when I was 70 instead of near 60, it’s not my call.

Well in some ways it was my call. How I’ve lived and how I’ve treated my body was my call sometimes. But again, I’m comfortable with it and won’t be making changes to my hair color.

I’m confused by the success of products to change my hair color back to 40-50 years ago. Then again I’m not if I think hard about it. Age discrimination is a real thing and if you’re searching for a job its important to give that visual impression of energy. Single men still on the search for a partner are in competition with younger men and first impressions are important. And even if it’s as simple as a man looks in a mirror and is feeling good and happy with the change, then by all means go for it. Personally I’d rather FEEL like I was 20 instead of looking like I was 20.

Worn and weathered. Photo by Mike Hartley

Worn and weathered.
Photo by Mike Hartley


  • randomthoughtsI think I’ve watched my last debate.
  • I love driving. It’s all the other idiots on the track I have problems with.
  • Pain can really get your attention.
  • I think I’ll write a post soon thanking my doctors over the last several years that have helped me heal.
  • Thank goodness it’s almost College Basketball season.
  • Is a rash decision, what type of ointment to us for treating poison ivy?
  • OK, I’ll stop being stupid now and finish up this post. Have a great Wednesday all.

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