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Its 5 oclock somewhere or almost

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I was surprised to find that Halloween is one of the biggest drinking days of the year. It’s at least in most of the top 10 list. So given the proximity of that day, I urge you to get a ride and not drive drunk. Just because your car doesn’t look like a gun, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a weapon.

So for the sake of the children and you own life and family, please use your head and arrange transportation or stay in and party.

Halloween drink responsibly please. Photo by Mike Hartley

Halloween, drink responsibly please.
Photo by Mike Hartley

And have the right scary good time you intended to have. Also for those staying home and handing out treats, buy and extra bag of candy because nothing good happens if you run out. And if you have extra candy, what is wrong with that?


  • randomthoughtsYou ever wonder how some people survive?
  • The seal of approval is within all of us.
  • I am blessed to be in a position to help others. I just have to work harder at it.
  • If time is on your side you have the ultimate advantage.
  • If you can look at each day as a wonderful success if you just have your health, then you are a wealthy person.
  • I need a new printer and I’d like to get a very good photo quality one but of course with quality you have $$$$. Guess I’m going to think hard on how to pull this one off.
  • I was wondering where my random thoughts went to for a while. But I guess I found them again. Or they found me. Not sure if that is good or bad for those who tune in. Then again one might describe this whole blog as a random thought.

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One thought on “Its 5 oclock somewhere or almost

  1. I suspect it’s the ‘fear’ of kids rattlin’ on the door that drives people to drink! 😉
    I fully support your call for people to act with some prudence with regard to booze and driving.

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