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Not feeling it

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A brother of mine and I were talking about the weather last night, and how a better metal approach could help survive winter better. And the more I pondered on it, the more I thought why not. I fully believe I’m going to try this mind over matter exercise this coming winter season. And being its in the low 20’s here today, I will be getting an early start in this test.

Warm thoughts for a coming winter season. Photo by Mike Hartley

Warm thoughts for a coming winter season.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I don’t know if my subject title (not feeling it) will an indication of success (by being outside, enjoying the season and not feeling the cold) or if I’ll be outside and shivering and frozen and not feeling my finger against the shutter or even my arm for that matter. Only time will tell. I’m going on a non HAWK bashing try. (The Hawk being the COLD) as my friends refer to him. They love teasing me over the years because they know I’m prone to bits of rage and email rants of anger, cursing if we step out of a car or house together and general grousing about he whole season. Of course they both have snow blowers and I don’t. And I have the biggest driveway and sidewalks. I also have the longest commute to the job. So there, that’s why there is anger.

So a new mental approach to the problem is under way. I just stepped outside and stood there for a few minutes looking at the silhouettes of the trees against the first light in the sky. I watched my breath. I put the hoodie on. I didn’t shiver, I didn’t curse. Just stood there. The air smells cleaner when its cold. OK, came inside. Of course while I was outside looking at the tree tops against the cold sky I envisioned a different type of tree in a different climate. Maybe the kind pictured here.

So stay warm today folks. Stay positive and if you see a guy in a beard cursing the cold you will know I have failed my test. But I hope not. Were just starting.

Oh, some clarification to this post. I used the term “brother” at the beginning. I have no biological brother per say. But I have been blessed with a couple of friends that are brothers in so many ways. We are closer than most of our own families. It’s a bond that has just grown over many decades. We never even called each other brothers till a couple of years ago. It was because it didn’t need to be said because actions, support, being there and all the many more things brothers do for each other, we do. But as we aged and a few of us faced some medical situations and some of our friends began to pass (including one of our “brothers”) and we started to call it out loud what it is. We are brothers of a special kind I believe.

So have a great day. I’m off to play with my engraving tool. I was thinking about sunrise pictures but I don’t own enough clothing to go back outside this morning. See, I didn’t curse the cold yet.

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