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Task for the coming year

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I have yet to try this activity (riding a jet ski). Rode a motorcycle for 3 decades but never a jet ski. Which got me thinking, what other things should I look forward to in 2017. So many things popped to mind. A nice vacation to a new destination. Maybe helping my son with his deck. Getting my handgun license and becoming a better shot.

Maybe getting a bicycle. I liked riding so much at the beach last year that itch hasn’t left me yet. I just hate the thought of riding around here. Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful area but the road aren’t built for bikes and cars. Hell motorcycles and cars don’t get along. Well cars and cars don’t play well either. Anyway it comes with risk around here but it might just be worth it.

I must try this in the summer of 2017. I'm afraid I might like it so much thought I might have to buy one. Photo by Mike Hartley

I must try this in the summer of 2017. I’m afraid I might like it so much thought I might have to buy one.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’d like to get back to some physical activities. Playing basketball and golf, maybe some daily aerobics, some light strength training. That’s pretty ambitious being I’m starting the new year off with shoulder surgery. But if life has taught me one lesson is that if you don’t have your health, it’s a tough road. And I have to do better to keep going late into life.

So once I’m all surgically repaired in the shoulder, I hope to use all my limbs in strengthening the core, getting the heart working good again and in a routine I can carry forward. I think that will help me become more active and enable another desire. And that is if I’m out and about doing more things I’ll be shooting and having more interesting stuff (photos, words, videos) to share. In other words living the good life.

So I’m going to continue to build the list and schedule these and many more activities in 2017.


  • Why would it surprise anyone that Donald Trump would have problems with intelligence agencies. For that matter he has issues with anyone who disagrees with him.
  • OK, guess I should start thinking about a game plan to start/finish shopping.
  • It’s Christmas tree day. One of the many smells once its inside that fill my home this season.
  • Boy this season really is the time you miss your parents.
  • Lost my train of thought. I guess I should back track.
  • Man its cold out.



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