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I got up early also and did a long walk at sunrise. And unlike this gentleman this summer, my behind was on the treadmill inside my warm home. Yep still trying to keep up with one of my goals, but no way am I walking/running outside today. Feels like one of the coldest days of the season so far. So posting warm photos is a bonus service I’m providing today.

Sunday jog. Photo by Mike Hartley

Sunday jog.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Today was the storing of the holiday decorations and the tree returned to the great outdoors. Well, it made it to the deck so far. I think they have curbside pick-up for it on recycling day for us this week, if I read the information on the Howard County website correctly. Should slide out to the curb nicely on that fresh coating of snow.

Kind of sad when the holiday decorations are put away. Takes that festive spirit away. So lets see, what is the next event. Oh yeah, my better half’s birthday is rolling around soon. Actually we have a number of birthdays this month to celebrate thankfully. One of these years I’ll get a complete list all in one spot so I don’t forget anyone’s throughout the year.

warmth Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

So a big week ahead. Lots of work, shoulder surgery and recovery, hopefully some insightful writing. And the beginning of some studio work, being I’ll be inside and limited to a tripod holding the camera for a while. I haven’t had a chance to prepare a number of post in advance. So I warn you that if I’m lucky enough to do some later this week they may be under the influence. I’ll try not to write about anything serious.

I have no idea why but I looked at a few webcams of it snowing in Ocean City yesterday and I just had to smile and watch it snow for a minute or two. I guess it was the blending of two of the most peaceful things. The beach and a fresh snow. But usually here in Maryland they aren’t all that common together. Good luck to our Eastern Shore neighbors this weekend.

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  1. Hey, Mike, good luck with your surgery!

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