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Missed day, till a phone call

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You ever have those days you’re just not feeling it. A kind of day when it’s just about over and you realize you haven’t accomplished squat. Well that was my day till my daughter called. Just hearing my child’s voice energized me. It took a day I wasn’t feeling my best and gave me energy.

So it’s a late start to the day.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

It’s a piece of cake to do a post a day. It’s damn hard work doing a good one every day. But I’ll keep plugging away. Sorry today’s isn’t filled with a more positive spirit and better images.

Our own Luxor Photo by MIke Hartley

Our own Luxor
Photo by Mike Hartley

Just a couple of shots in Bmore to share today.

Big game tomorrow for the Maryland mens hoop team. Go Terps.

Found some of my Mom’s notes today. She had beautiful hand writing.

Space heaters are wonderful as long as they are in my space.

Geico commercials are really starting to bother me.

Rumor has it there is a big game on Sunday.

So the report I read today that Donald Trumps doctor says he takes hair growth meds. We can all calm down now, at least we know the reason behind the rational. A giant hairball in the brain.

My opinion is:  I believe in the separation of church and state. Some may differ.

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