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Music is the answer today

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Music has turned my day around. The stresses were building up. Going from one task to the next. Well more accurately task upon task. Not enough rest. Feeling like crap some days. Lots of real problems for family and friends to help with. I was feeling wiped out and somewhat down. So after my weeks work at the job that pays the bills ends I find the house and I are alone.

Sands and sounds Photo by Mike Hartley

Sands and sounds
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well that means a few things. Unrestricted volume can lead to air guitar, drums sticks flying (yeah I keep a set at the desk) and some unbridled and passionate vocals. And then the body starts moving. Forgetting or magically cutting through some abused muscle range of motions of an almost 60-year-old body to the one of my 20’s and enabling crazy legs Mike. Good thing its cool and the windows are closed.

Music Feels good. Well that was bullshit, music FEELS GREAT. It makes my hair stand on end with some songs. It makes my heart pause and even break, with some tunes. It can lead me to wonderful inspiration and effort. It can lead me to areas of thought and insight. And the more I listen and participate the better my overall spirits are. I get energy, I get a refresh. I get inspiration. I feel positive. I can run through WALLS. Guess I have some good tunes.

Maybe I’ll run through that wall and do the drums later after my shoulder heals. Actually our group has a couple of running through walls experts. Well, we were young once also. Take a chill pill.

Old memories, flashback of events with friends, small local clubs, sound rooms in basements. Parking lots or field parties singing out loud in the middle of the night to the car radios/tape decks or at someones home whose parents were away and we would move in a sound system. And concerts, oh my the concerts. The concerts were out of control. Road trips out of state. Sleeping out at ticket gates for prime tickets. Huge groups of friends with front row tickets or lawn seats and everywhere in between. I get a smile on my face a mile wide to every song that seems to come out of my speakers.
Sometimes I get so busy I forget to take a few minutes and go to another place that the sounds take me. So fill your plate with songs and speakers. Don’t be that empty paper plate on the sands, void of music.

  • Do you ever think you’re on mute, when you’re not?
  • Proof of hard living. You run into old friends who you haven’t seen in decades and the first words out of their mouths are, “wow, you’re still alive.”
  • I love my kids, wish I could tell them more, like when they lived at home. I do every time I see and talk with them now. But they are young adults and I can live with that step in life. Doesn’t mean I wish I could still say it to them more.
  • Some days, I feel like the luckiest person on earth. Others not so much, but at least I get those “some days.” I wish more people had that opportunity. Funny thing is its right in front of some and they never realize it.
  • Spent the week thinking of fathers. A friend of mines passed. Such a deeply personal thing to lose a parent. Life changing in lots of ways.
  • You ever wonder how your kids and your friends kids keep getting older, but we don’t?

OK, I promise to do some fresh shooting. I’m not repeating images but I’m using older shots more often than I would like. Life is so damn busy.

Author: Mike Hartley

With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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