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Trying to get my behind in gear this fine Sunday morning. Stupor Bowl Sunday I believe. Don’t have a vested interest in the game other than the bet with my Son. And that as always is just fun for a few $. Saw a good basketball game yesterday but not the result I was hoping for. The Maryland Terps are still on a roll though. And were only a few weeks away from MARCH MADNESS.

Stairwell in terminal. Photo by Mike Hartley

Stairwell in terminal.
Photo by Mike Hartley

My hair stands thinking about all that basketball to come. Hopefully our local team in the tourney to boot. And of course the first weekend of the NCAA tourney we gather for 2 marathon sessions both Thursday and Friday and OD on hoops. Life is good if I can just make it through this cold month of February.

I gave away my weight bench today. Being most days I have trouble lifting this body off a horizontal surface, I figured it was time to give up the old free weights and let some youth have at it. Beats gathering dust in my basement. I still have a curl bar and a few dumbbells to keep some tone. And once this shoulder heals I hope to return to a better tone.

A “so-called Judge.” Very interesting. I wonder if the term “So called President” has been coined yet?

Be happy in what you are doing, it makes life much easier to get through.

If you can make a job work for you, that is the best of all worlds. And when you find that secret, let the rest of us know please.

I wonder if tomorrow is the biggest hangover day of the year?

Do you ever wonder? Yes but then the other person opens their mouth and removes all doubt.

I’ve never done enough for my better half. But I’m trying.

Now where did I put that salsa and chips?

I had better take the laptop to the couch if I intend to do a second post today.

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