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A Special Sunday morning

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Don’t know why I feel it’s special yet. Well, any day is special that you wake up. And today I woke without an ache or pain which isn’t all that common, but when it does come to pass its noted as part of a great start. So far I’m two for two. I guess feeling a bit relaxed makes it special. Maybe its the bliss from overdosing on watching college basketball? Nah that is a good feeling but not it.

As I sat here and pondered it a few more minutes I realized what it was. It was seeing our children and knowing they are handling the difficulties of life and rising through it. That professionally, personally and socially they are fine. That as people they are great and we as parents couldn’t be prouder or more blessed. It’s all a parent can hope for, along with their health.

Melting snow.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I was going to do some early morning snow shooting but it’s barely a dusting. So goodbye to the season of snow, for we are on the doorstep to the welcome sounds and sights of spring. Each seasons passing means more to me as I age. I like noting them because time moves so swiftly now. So take a few minutes as I did and just watched it snow this morning. Stop and listen to nature returning to life. Stop that run to the car and office to stop and smell and appreciate the beauty of flowers and trees. You won’t regret it later.

I had hoped to do another round of the cherry blossom blooms in DC this year but the late winter seasons blast have damaged much of the blooms I hear. I guess we will see this week which is supposed to be the peak bloom week I believe. At least it was in reports I read the last week.

It will be good exercise to walk down to the title basin and see what happens this year. Hope I get the chance early one morning. It’s a 4-5 mile walk back and forth, but maybe some early morning city shooting can make the journey interesting.

I’m excited about shooting again. For some reason I felt like I lost that interest or magic it provides me. Don’t know what it was. Just too wrapped up in thought about the trials and tribulations at the job that pays the bills and other nonsense I guess. But I’m back and focused and feeling positive. I can’t wait to get out today and every day and try to capture something special again.

Don’t worry, a fresh wash and wax will make you all better.
Photo by Mike Hartley

This might be a good week to make that visit to the animal shelter and make a donation that I’ve had sitting on a shelf waiting to go. So be prepared for an animal shot or two if I do make it there. The most difficult part will be leaving without one of the poor critters.

When you’re looking at things the right way the world is loaded with opportunities. So here’s to a fine day ahead for everyone loaded with wonderful opportunities.

Of course I can not finish this post without noting the passing of Chuck Berry, “the original duck walker” a fine musician. Think I’ll do a few of those steps this week in remembrance. Hail Hail Rock n Roll



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