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I feel optimism

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I feel optimism. Then again I haven’t read or watched the news in the last three days. And that is a good thing. Needed to take a break from it, just as its good to take a break from everything in life once in a while. And here locally its Opening Day. Yep that long drawn out baseball season is in Swing again. But I do love it and I’m looking forward to the days at the ballpark with family and friends. Play BALL

Ball, bat, bunt

Da Bird
Photo by Mike Hartley

Also I believe the Cherry blossom parade is this coming weekend in DC. Not the best of years for them. And not that I’m tempted to go to DC on a weekend off. I go there enough the other days of the week. Plus mother nature is cranking up big time and the shed needs to be emptied for the annual war with her, that I never win. So no time to play downtown.

Washington Monument in the background of the blossoms.
Photo by Mike Hartley

You know I really have loved yard work at times. It’s a break from cell phones and computers. Its being active all day long. It’s the steady drone of the mower that allows clarity of though sometime through the roar. I also know now, it’s an indication of ones health. If I can be cranking outside into my 60’s and 70’s, I think I’ll be better for it and loving life more.

You just have to be smart in how you go about it.

I’m sorry I have to go now and deal with the thought that March Madness ends this evening and it will be the off-season for college basketball. I must fight that depression.

Come on now. Some one tell me UConn women losing wasn’t an April fools joke.

I wonder if the guy/gal who does the fields at those stadiums does residential?

OK, I took another break. I know, slack, very slack. But I’m back, back in black. At least that’s the color of today’s shorts.

You ever come across things that give you pause. I found a business card from an old co-worker and friend who passed at a very young age. Someone so full of life. Someone taken suddenly. Someone I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to. I think I’ll post that on our old work group FB page and see if it triggers the same feelings. I think she would like to be remembered fondly as I think of her now.

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