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The heat is on

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This week is when you know if your A/C is going to be up to the season or not. Those warm days where it runs most of the time. Now this young lady made the most of my working A/C this morning. And yes our grand dog sitting responsibilities are finished for the weekend and we miss her greatly. We have been a family that has always had a pet. We decided to take a break after our last one passed. So these visits are always special to us.

Photo by Mike Hartley

You grow to love them like a member of the family. And that time passes so fast. Of course everyone loves every minute of it. Even when something valuable gets broke. Or the vet bill seems more than your own checkup. Or that extra mouth or mouths to feed shows up on the credit card. It’s all worth it. Even when you slip and bust your behind from stepping on a pet toy.

Pets, one of the many joys of life. Now I live through my kids pets. But I think I’ll hit the shelter and sponsor a few so they can get a loving family also.

A Gift
Photo by Mike Hartley

Just had to include a shot of a gift our daughter got us a while back. Each year it blooms I send her a shot. Little things in life can be very special if you allow for them. Like laying in the hammock today watching clouds being torn apart by winds against a powder blue sky. Leaves blowing and moving the sunlight around my body. The sounds and occasional birds flying by or landing in the branches in the tree above me.

Do you believe its the evening and my body doesn’t hurt yet. Well not bad. Well not as bad as it has. I think I should stop thinking about that before it gets worse.

My flex hose sprung a leak.

How fast can I make it to the next weekend? I don’t know but I’ve thought about thinking as the work week as the weekend and then maybe it will fly by?

Nothing like a warm summer day.

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