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Fly away

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Was reading when I heard a ping and then another one from my back door. I opened the door and looked but nothing was there. But then I looked down. This guy looked stunned. I guess he flew into the door twice. He had about a 4″ wingspan. Wish I had time to set the tripod but I saw him flex once or twice, I grabbed the camera, and then he was gone.

Morning visitor
Photo by Mike Hartley

Think I’ll get out and shoot a bit this weekend and put that tripod to use. Might try some night work and try some timed exposures.

Nature builds the best wings. But the bi plane design on this one might need an update.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I find it amazing that one man has been able to stir up so much hatred. Then again it must have been within all of us simmering before this.

The more I think about the need to lose a few pounds, the hungrier I get.

Felt good to take my sister to lunch yesterday.

Another childhood friend left the world too early yesterday. Reminds me to focus on priorities.

Well, I hear my better half stirring. And I would disappoint her if I didn’t appear soon, so off I go. May everyone have a great morning.

I feel a creative streak coming on. Now it’s what I do with it that’s important. Don’t want to waste it.

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