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Life is filled with such ups and downs, its amazing so many of us make it to the next day. This weekend was full of highs and lows. For instance I had a wonderful time shooting with my Son Sunday morning and a great lunch together. On the downside I have a good friend in the hospital, I discovered a nail in my tire and a few personal things I’d not like to share here. There were other highs and lows mixed in all weekend. That is why its called life, it’s all encompassing.

Ping frame.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m trying not to dwell on the downside of things but some cause me great concern and worry. Be it family, friends or just concern for society. Work used to be up on that list, but that is work now and the highest that gets is some daily logistic issues. And I have enough things on the top levels of concern so I don’t need to needlessly overcrowd. Now some might say that is risky to say out loud (in writing) now days. Is someone going to take my words and report to management that my job isn’t my highest priority. Well I guess its possible. Expressing my thought processes on the priorities of life, might be dangerous. But I’m too old and too concerned with finally getting my priorities right, that it’s just how it is.

Not that I don’t give them well over 100% each day and hour I work. It’s not that I don’t care about the future of the company. It’s not that I don’t participate to make it better. It’s just not my life anymore, it’s a means to an end. That’s a big and change that should have taken place earlier in my life. I’ve cut my family short. I’ve cut my friends short. I’ve cut myself short. All in the name of loyalty or being part of building something special that others profit from greatly. My choice, my mistake, I own it. I was just operating under some false assumptions.

But luckily it wasn’t to late to change. I still take tremendous pride in my work. I still try to do my best. I try to help others learn and do more than carry my share and load. But I don’t live for it. I live from it.

Foreground focus
Photo by Mike Hartley

Background focus.
Photo by Mike Hartley

These ramblings of mine are totally unfocused. Just like my pictures.

I don’t get this selfie thing. I love taking pictures of family and friends. I don’t share it here but believe me, I snap away. I like family and friend remembrances. So this June 21st was Selfie Day. I guess its OK, I just feel no need at all to do that, but maybe that is just me being uncomfortable in front of a camera or older or both. In some ways there is a youthful fun and exuberance about it when you see it being done. People either glad to be together, in a special place or at a special time. Sharing laughter, a meal, an occasion, maybe sadness. You know honest times of life. Those times I think innocence and true images.

Other times its purely vanity and its a real turn off. And usually those shots are pretty self-evident. Because there are constant and the same and blah blah blah.

But don’t let this old-timer discourage you. I believe in the visual arts so I support imaging in general. Just be you, just be honest, just pick the right times.

I love news, but I’m having trouble watching the news.

Did I mention there is a nail in my tire? Sort of like a big sliver in your finger. Well maybe more like a wood chip in your butt cheek.

I have to look to do something positive on Monday after I get my tire fixed/replaced.

I don’t like having a president more concerned with himself than the country.

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