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Is the water coming here?


I heard today a stat that I have no idea if true or not but it was something like 1 in 6 people have flood insurance in that affected area in Texas. Can you imagine this happening to you? Have you ever checked FEMA and the flood risk at your address. I hadn’t till today. I’m in the minimal or 1% zone if I read it right.

But the reality is tens of thousands and maybe hundreds of thousand of people might have lost everything and will go into great debt to survive again. And it won’t be the same for decades or maybe ever. Who knows how much of the infrastructure under water now will need repair or replacing. What the storm has shown me is that we are all seconds from disaster. One of these storms could hit anywhere.

Sea level, of interest to a great number of people.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Its kind of made me think about my disaster preparation or lack there of. Watching the news it’s gratifying to see people making great sacrifices and taking incredible risk to aid their fellow-man. It is also disheartening to hear of people looting in such a tragic circumstance. But as they say “with the good comes the bad.”

In our world of instantaneous need and response, this event is going to take time to recover from. Years, maybe decades. Its going to affect the economy, it’s going to change our thinking about how we prepare for events like this. At least it has for me.

Random Thoughts

How much longer do you think wall Calendars will be available?

The human spirit is on display and I’m hoping that I would behave the same way I see many responding to in Texas.

If you made a relief donation, think about how to make another one.

President “What a crowd, What a turnout.”   Me – WHAT A TOOL.

Author: Mike Hartley

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3 thoughts on “Is the water coming here?

  1. And just think of this….even if you have flood insurance, there are so many conditions and loopholes that it covers very little. My sister lives at the beach and when Sandy hit, they thought they had coverage for damages……nope! The government mandates that flood insurance is mandatory in certain areas and people have to pay for coverage, but the insurance companies pay out very little on those claims. Talk about getting screwed…first the storm damage hits you in the gut and then the insurance co gives you an upper cut that knocks the life out of you.

  2. I think flood insurance for homeowners is probably too expensive for most people. There was a really extensive article about flood insurance for businesses in the WSJ yesterday – Ellicott City is one of the examples they cite.

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