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Leaf jam

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Leaf jam in the Patapsco. Yeah I thought this was a change from the normal leaves on the ground shot. I wish the ones in my yard would stack up as nicely as this did here. Seriously that pile was a couple of feet long. I was going to get out and mow but there are still too many leaves up in the trees. So that task will wait till next week for the final roundup.

Another beautiful Sunday morning here. Well not really, a bit overcast and cool. But any Sunday morning is a good one. The work week begins again soon and the small stuff will start to stack up. But I’m going to give it a good fight and look for the positive. That is getting more and more difficult to do. Where do we start to look for the leadership and character we would like to see. I guess its in all of us because the character we elect and choose as leaders of businesses and our government area really there because of us. It’s a shame so few actually vote. It’s a shame so few look at the businesses they have in their communities and make smart choices.

Leaf jam
Photo by Mike Hartley

Hope to try to squeeze in a few shots this evening or maybe even later this afternoon. Felt good to real off a hundred frames the other morning. Would love to do more, but some painting, (not the fun kind) awaits me so I must go to cover walls while listening to the game.

Random Thoughts

Best idea of the day, I’m going to take a day of vacation this week.

I’ll take these early cold temps if I can have a few 70 degree days in February.

I can almost see enough of my desktop that I see a nice cherry wood.

This office needs a working printer.

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