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First day I’ve left the house in 10 days. Kind of strange when you have been inside for that long. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best day to be out and about in my area. A nice coating of ice made the ride into work almost a 2 hour struggle. But such is life when you work a distance away from home. Been making the long drive for almost 2 decades now and it’s getting old. I like to drive but conditions and people make it a pain sometimes.

Like the idiot that was trying to die today cutting me and a half-dozen other people off within a mile. You know the more I’m out I see the reality that some people don’t give a hoot about anyone but themselves and if someone else dies then its nothing to them. Well, I’ve got a message for some of them. If I find out your one of these people and you hurt a member of my family or me, you will die. I have no problem with taking someones life who doesn’t respect other lives.

Birds won’t be getting these berries today.

Sorry about that last paragraph. I’m still under the weather and I get cranky quickly. And when I see such blatant disrespect for life it really ticks me off. So I’ll end with the wish for warmer temps which seem to be on the way.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’m so glad to see Mayhem back in the All State commercials. I’d like to apply for that position.

Go Dawg’s, I’m not a big Saban fan.

I’m really beginning to dislike Lavar Ball.

You know after seeing my family a good bit during the holidays, it reminds me now how special that is now that were all back to our regular lives.

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