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A Day of Rest – for some

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A Day of Rest – for some – Sundays have changed a lot since my youth. The expectations, events, chores and yes even work all invade our Sundays now and the pace is just like any other day of the week. Yeah we used to have to cut the yard on Sunday if it rained on Saturday. Yes there is still services on Sunday morning even though I rarely go now. (something I should think about). But stores are open just like any other day of the week for almost every business. Sporting and other events galore.

What happened to that day of rest from my youth? What happened to everything closed on Sundays except essential services and a very FEW 7 days a week enterprises? What happened to that one day a week all your neighbors were home and outside if it was nice weather? What happened to that Sunday dinner with the family that wasn’t rushed, that was specially prepared, that everyone came to? What happened to the family afternoon or evening walk?

Take a break.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well life evolved and change happened and here we are. Not sure entirely better off, but certainly changed. My wife has kept up the Sunday dinner tradition. But with schedules the way they are now I’m surprised if that tradition isn’t gone or abandoned by lots of families. Even during my career at times I’ve been working Sundays. My Mom is probably yelling at me from the highest point she can find about the importance of a day of rest and family.

How many of us even take a few hours now, on a weekend to rest. Peoples downtime or days off don’t even fall on weekends for a lot of us. Our structure and ability to connect and relax is changed. And as they say there is no going back. The shift has been completed. Sundays are no longer the day of rest because there is no day of rest. Just less chores or things to check on or errands to run or places to be if you’re lucky, even the days off are packed. Well maybe its a day of rest if your on vacation. But even that is questionable with our habits now days.

So a happy Sunday morning to you all and may as many of you as possible, slip back a few or several decades, relax, go see your parents, have a meal together, talk after and before dinner, step outside and spend a few minutes catching up with your neighbor. (those in the Northeast will be forgiven if they skip that last step of the day because of the temps).  But just rest, recharge your body and spirit to take on the coming week.

Wish I could take my own advice, but the job that pays the bills is on this Sunday for the kid. But the rest of you, kick back, put your feet in the sand and give thanks.

Sand artist
Photo by Mike Hartley

Medical –

As I’ve watched a few friends fight off infections, I wonder if we are so concerned with temporary and immediate relief that we don’t do ourselves more harm with the use of antibiotics too much in our youth. A segment on Channel 13 news this morning shook me a bit over people losing limbs because of infections and made me wonder if this isn’t self-inflicted?

I’m certainly no doctor, even though that is one of my many nicknames. What was inspiring about those people who had faced the loss of multiple limbs was their drive and spirit. And a PT nurse saying their attitudes had 300% to do with their recovery and progress. The human spirit in some people and most, is overwhelming at times. Hats off to these individuals who fight harder that Ali/Frazer each minute of each day.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I like starting Sunday by trying to catch some of CBS Sunday Morning show. But as stated above I’m having trouble making the time to watch a whole episode of it.

Isn’t it wonderful if your able to see people getting more and more beautiful as they age. This requires a special vision that not all have.

I’m in a great mode this morning despite having someone stabbing me in the back last night. Just a bit of trouble sleeping with some back pain that opened my eyes a few times.

I could kiss the person who invented the space heater.

Share your memories, no sense being selfish and taking them all with you to the grave. Who knows whose heart will be warmed or what you may inspire by something tragic.

How many more days till I can step outside in shorts and a tee-shirt?

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