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Danger Danger Will Robinson

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I’m tempted but this isn’t going to be about politics. It’s about myself. My body and mind are no longer in sync. The mind is in denial that the body doesn’t function like it once did. Strength and stamina are no where near the minds view which seems to be stuck in a mode 20-30 years ago.

Yeah the mind says be careful with your footing going down the steep embankment leading to the lower back yard. Yeah it says keep hydrated on the hot days. Yeah the mind still says work smart then hard. But then the body starts to communicate back. What the hell am I doing with a chainsaw in my hands? What the hell are we doing out in the middle of the day in brutal heat mowing the lawn? Why do you think this mainspring is going to work all day and not seize up from moving wood. What makes you think this frame goes up and down a ladder as quickly as it did when it was 20-30 lbs lighter?

And as you know this brain is a slow learner. My better half has been barking at me for a few decades now to slow down. But we all know how well men listen to their wiser partners. Even a few of my friends getting landscape services didn’t clue me in. I just gave them crap about not doing it themselves.

But these last few years the body has given the brain no option but to listen. Pain can make remarkable progress when in an argument with mission control. So an uneasy compromise has been the standard for the last few years. Neither party happy with each other. The brain with its lofty goals and the body winding down in the physical capabilities. I figure I got another 15-20 years of yard work ahead if the health holds out.

I just saw a photo of my best friends father who is 85 and he was up on the roof cleaning it off. Then again, his nickname is “Stormin Norman”. But I like he and his sons have that headstrong gene that just makes us go for it. The brain seems to always go for it. The body pays the price.

Its kind of the spirit I hope I carry onward really. I don’t want to give up regardless of what the body says. I always want my mind to challenge me more and push me to participate, work, be active and accomplish something. When I look at a hard day in the yard, I see accomplishment. Yeah its not long till mother nature takes it all away, but that just makes it possible for that accomplished feeling to return again.

So while I’m not that young guy in the surf at the top of the photo below, I’m not the old guy on the beach either. So in one way, I hope my mind stays young. And if you’re a betting person the odds are good because my wife tells me I’m an 18-year-old who refuses to grow up.

Everyone is looking for something.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I was every impressed and moved by the Jim Kelly acceptance speech at the ESPY’s

Doing work is a great reward. Doing work for others in need is the greatest reward.

I’m excited that I get to see my family this weekend to celebrate my Son’s birthday.

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