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Yeah Snow, way to go with the timing

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No heroic actions by this guy trying to get to work in this mess. I’ve had so many white knuckle drives in my lifetime I think some of that transferred to my lightening hair color. Plus the county hasn’t seen fit to plow my street yet so I’m hunkered down and working from home today.

Back is kind of sore from shoveling earlier. Felt good while I was out doing it. And even afterwords it felt good to have the circulatory system in action again. But that back is the weak link. I’ve got to work on strengthening the CORE.

Photo by Mike Hartley.

And that is a good theme for this year. Strengthen the core. And do that in every aspect of life. So lets see what can I do to get started? Crunches? Nah, too advanced to start with. Maybe just some aerobic exercises. Think I’ll add that this week to the walking I’ve been doing.

I’d also like to get a hold of my core emotions this year. Not in having them but how I react and respond to them. I’d also like to think about my core beliefs again. The more I know where I’m going, the easier it is to get there.

Random Thoughts of the Day

My new snow shovel works just like the old one. I was hoping for improvement.

I’m much less stressed when I miss the news.

Its UGLY car season. Salt mixed with whatever color it was before that.

Some people, that about says it all.

This is about the best spirits I’ve been in on a Sunday in some time.

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