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Wobbly Wednesday

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Today is a good test. Powering through despite feeling far less than 100%. So I had to provide myself some incentive. Figured I’d start the day with a nice bacon and cheese sandwich. Well that at least made me feel better while I was eating it. While I was sitting at my desk chowing on that I thought back on how often I’ve worked sick.

You want to talk HOT.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I left one job with over 150 days of sick time accumulated that I lost in moving on. I rarely have used all my sick time over my career. Only twice for cancer surgeries did I come close. A lot of people work sick. Some have no choice. Most don’t in fact. The pressure to perform in a lot of positions is unrelenting. And it seems some of the most pressure is put on the lowest level jobs not to be out sick.

Those who are self-employed I’m sure have a lot of experience working under the weather. I’ve worked through being sick for a number of reason. Some jobs have made it known that you had better be on your death-bed or in an ambulance on your way to the hospital is you even have a thought of calling in sick.

I’ve ordered extra fluids to help me feel better. 
Photo by Mike Hartley

Other jobs I’ve wanted to show my own dedication. Some jobs respect it and realize its a part of life. Some even encourage you to stay home at times instead of infecting the few in the office that haven’t picked up what is going around. You can always find extremes examples of both sides.

Best story I heard is about a company calling someone about a problem while they were in the emergency room and the boss calling knew where he was and called about work anyway.

I once went to work not feeling well in a big snowstorm. I get there and the owner calls from Aruba and wants to know how things are going because he heard of the snow storms. I wanted to pull him through the line but the operator cut me off and said the distance was to great.

Well I’ve wised up in my old age. I’m working today for the job that pays the bills but I’m doing it from home.

I’ve had a very good season to this point as far as avoiding any bugs or colds. (as I knock on the closest piece of wood). So I’ll fight this off quickly and be ready to roll again full speed soon.

Time marches on. In some ways it’s good for the soul. In some ways it’s difficult. Anniversaries of loved ones passing is one of those that are difficult. Each year the memories get more distant. The voices become whispers. The laughter and smile fade except in photos or videos. Today is the 5th anniversary of one of our best friends passing.

We remember him every time we gather. He is honored with a toast often. He is missed. Dan may you be resting comfortably with a beer in hand and grin on your face. We miss you brother.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’m really working on my posture sitting but its a war keeping it right after years of pretzel poses.

Its time to replace some pictures on my walls with new ones.

Right up there, is an idea I’m trying to catch.

I know why I’m sick, I ate some fresh cooked spinach my better half made me the other day. I put a lot of butter and some Parmesan cheese on it but that healthy gene was still in there and my system didn’t know what to do with it.

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