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Road trip

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My better half and I took a road trip today. One of our friends is moving and mentioned to us that we should look where they are going to be headed. So I thought that might be a nice drive on an afternoon where we had a few minutes. I haven’t thought about moving. I’m really happy where we are at right now. Its HOME.

Ducks in a row.
Photo by Mike Hartley

But as our friends talk about and some do move, it’s something that crosses our minds every so often. Really though, we are perfectly situated right now between where both of our children live so there is no reason to go anywhere as they are the number 1 priority still. Probably always will be.

But back to our road trip. Our friends have decided to head West. Not much but a jaunt of about 30 minutes from our home now. Not enough to cause us any issues on getting together, but the 3 minute trip that it used to be was sweet. They like us are partially making the move to be closer to family. No I’m not moving, just the closer to family part is like us.

Making the turn
Photo by Mike Hartley

I mean where would my Son and Grand Dog run if I moved? Where would I put my hammock? I could never say goodbye to two pets. And my man cave. Well its a basement and my office, but its mine. And where will my Grandchildren play if we moved? I’ve felt home from the time I walked up the driveway the first time to view the house for sale.

I love Howard County MD. It’s where I grew up. I’ve worked in the county for a few decades and have had my own home here the last 35 years. But its a different place than I used to enjoy. Far too crowded for me now. Also a far different community. I guess it was easier to know people back then. Not the huge numbers and it was tighter knit. Now people come and go so fast there is no continuity. And therefore a fractured community.

Days of people living next door for decades seem to be another thing moving into the past. And then there is the fact that its going to be more expensive to stay here as time goes on. No problem, I’ll power through most of it till I can’t take it. The beach is a powerful draw for me. But it will never equal the power of family and friends.

Random Thoughts of the Day

If you can make simple pleasures great ones each day, then you’re enjoying life. I pretended the cheese steak I was eating at lunch was the best one I ever had. It was pretty satisfying even though it wasn’t the best.

Getting older is powering through the days you don’t feel well and having a good time anyway.

Some nights you really look forward to sleep. Tonight is one of those.

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