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Cover off

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Decided to take the cover off the deck furniture today. Made me feel good doing that. Hope we can have a few meals and get together’s out there this summer. I love going out and just looking into the woods behind my home from the deck. It’s a nice vantage point. If I leave some seed on the railing its gone in no time. And this guy still cruises the woods and back yard looking for prey.

This guy loves my back yard.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Speaking of Birds and taking the cover off. Baseball and the O’s kicked off the new season today against my favorite team. It’s not how I like to see the Yankees get a win. The O’s are just over matched badly. Baltimore is a great baseball town. I hope they can turn it around. Its much more fun beating them when it matters in the standings. Well I guess it does today, both or 0-0 before the game and now we have a one game lead.

The question is how many fans will the bird be listening to for a reply.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’d really like to see baseball have a revitalization. It’s a good game.

I’m going to say my vows this evening to a weekend commitment to my own crafts. Been a while since committing some time.

Think I’ll marry my work this evening. I’ve been looking forward to it all week long.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

It’s not a good sign when you try a new restaurant and they mess up your first carry out order.

When people use the word “never” I tend to have a better understanding of them.

We have all these wonderful communication tools and either we don’t use them or aren’t clear when we do.

I’m getting better at spending less time being pissed off. If I can just get rid of it all together life would be grand.


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