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Drive when I want to

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I used to really love driving. I still do, till I’m forced to co-exist with the masses. The stuff I see going on takes the enjoyment from it so. The solution is to drive in the off hours and I’m able to do that fairly well. Our area, the DMV  or District, Maryland and Virginia is just overpopulated and it really shows when we all have to get somewhere at the same times.

I look at the TV news traffic report and the road system looks more like a picture of the circulatory system of a human. Everything is RED inside. And it looks like the patient has some serious issues with blockages and the volume of flow. Too much volume in fact with arteries and veins that are too small. Hell most we are just doing the stop and go accordion.

But those times when the volume is heavy but everyone is still moving at speed is when it gets hairy. That’s the magic moments where some are in a hurry and think it should be moving faster and there might be an opening or two. Then there is the other extreme which is getting nervous and paranoid and scared and slowing down.

If your courteous, people will walk all over you.
Photo by Mike Hartley

But unlike our blood, all the cells/cars don’t get along and can’t travel without issues. So we have the increasing madness on the roads. I’m going to do my best to minimize this but I know my family and friends all can’t do this and therefore I can’t ignore the problem. So I’ve got to figure out what I can do to improve it. I know I’ll put the military on it? Nah.

Dodge WC-51 Series Cargo Truck 3/4 ton 4×4 US Army WW II Vintage trolling through Ellicott City.
Photo by Mike Hartley

They couldn’t catch anyone in this. I wonder why we don’t use technology more to catch this crap. Hell it seems like everyone and their mother has a dash cam now. Of course posting video’s of people doing really stupid stuff is going to come back and haunt someone. But why can’t these go to the police? For the really insane people a personal visit with some video evidence of reckless driving might be needed.

The police already have cameras up and down major highways now. I’m certain someone is monitoring those. Why aren’t we sending the law after the fools who take the most risk day after day.

I’m not talking about the individual who accidentally cuts you off once. I’m talking about the person who drives with no regards for anyone’s life, constantly cutting in and out of traffic to get a car length ahead before you both stop at the next light. The guys who blow by stopped school buses with their lights on. The guys repeatedly blowing through red lights. The person who couldn’t stay in their lane even if you took the smart phone from the front of their faces. The a-holes who pass on shoulders or exit/entrance ramps. The morons making u-turns in the middle of the street unannounced.

I’m talking about the egregious stuff. The stuff all of us see every day. Its got to stop before we all start putting the gun in the car like we put on a shirt in the morning. And no I don’t travel with a gun in the car. Even though I think a shotgun mounted on my roll bars between the driver and passenger seats might deter people from tailgating my small car so much.

No really the only thing that I think will cure it is for each of us to be more responsible and for law enforcement to really sit on the worst offenders. But you have to catch them and apparently takes a different effort than what we have today.

Random Thoughts of the Day. 

It’s good to reflect on how lucky we are each day were here.

Making it work or me today.

I can’t image how lonely life is without love. I can see how some don’t survive without it.

Wonders await me tomorrow. I just have to have the right attitude to find them.

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