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Positive day

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Jellies – Photo by Mike Hartley

I was reading a post from a blog I follow about “The Positive Side of Recent Weeks” and I thought I’d add my personal observations before reading any comments on that post.

  • I’m very happy that I get to spend more time with my best friend and better half who are one and the same. We have been through a lot in our lives already so if all we have to do is stay at home, we got this.
  • I’m happy and thankful everyone I know is still healthy.
  • I’m sleeping better than I have in years. No commute to work has given me a few extra hours each day to spread to different things including rest.
  • You start to sort out what is really important in life. Family, friends, health and simple pleasures. Oh yeah, a job and health insurance helps.
  • My wife and I have discovered Facetime. The need for it before didn’t exist much because we could see each of our children often. Now its a shot of life into our systems. About to discover Zoom.
  • I find myself reading and writing more which is enjoyable.
  • I’m still looking at each day as something special and something to make the best of.
  • Truthfulness and facts are becoming popular again. Fauci, Fauci, Fauci. And his many professional friends.
  • I’m enjoying driving without bumper to bumper traffic the few times I have been out.
  • My house and yard are going to look damn good if this goes on for some time.
  • Some of the worries I hear in my children’s voices for us is a very wonderful way of them saying how much they love us. We are fine kids.
  • I’m hoping for the return of the drive-in movie theater. It gives you the social distancing thing.
  • I have time to detail my car which never seems to be available.
  • Most people now realize the real heroes in the world are not our sports stars but police fire/EMT and medical professionals.
  • In the absence of sports, I’ve discovered cooking shows. But yes I admit to watching a replay of some games recently because I’m sports starved.
  • I’m saving money on haircuts. Of course, I’m starting to look like one of the Beatles from the ’60s. So I’m either going to look like Ringo or learn to cut my own hair. Right now Ringo is the winner.
  • I’m having time to sort through some of my family’s history.
  • I’ve had time to clean out a few inboxes of email. And they really needed it.
  • I’m still dreaming of having my toes in the sand and the sound of waves sometime in the future.
  • A lot more people are waving and yelling hello than in the past.
  • I have a few more minutes to listen to some music in my home.
  • I have time for a long list like this.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • It felt great to detail my car today. My back said it would feel better if someone else did it. Yes, I did the SUV in addition to my little sports car.
  • I like having a few minutes to talk to neighbors. Of course at a good distance.
  • The song “In the air tonight” still makes my hair stand on end.
  • Selflessness – Retired medical professionals returning to work.
  • I find myself moved to tears more lately.
  • The advertising industry really turned on a dime with new commercials on how they are changing things like car buying and many others.
  • Remember when you used to worry about what the weather was going to be like?

Sorry to ramble on so much. I’ll get some fresh images tomorrow.

Author: Mike Hartley

With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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