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Holiday weekend

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We are underway and it seems everyone is out and about. I was going to hit the hardware store but the crowd there was too much and I circled right back out of the parking lot. At the grocery store, everyone looked like they were stocking up for a party. I hope all the guests will be safe and careful as possible.

Our flag. Photo by Mike Hartley

I don’t think the country has yet come to the realization that we can’t work against the virus in a piecemeal manner. I’m not perfect in my ways but I feel I’m on the more cautious side than most.

For instance, everyone wearing a mask is a great thing. I now have a built-in excuse for not recognizing someone because of the mask, when the real reason is my memory not being as good anymore.

6 foot distancing enforcement. Photo by Mike Hartley

I have no problem staying in. I love my home and with my better half. A pet would be a nice addition but I have some convincing to do in that area. I got together with my best friends last night for the first time in many months. It was great. We stayed outside and well separated. All of us pretty much have been taking precautions since the beginning. It would be too many words to describe the importance of those guys in my life.

I feel for the areas that treat it as a political thing endangering the people they were elected and entrusted to look out for them. Such is life these days. Even though we have a Republican Governor in the great state of Maryland he has used science and common sense and stats to drive his decision making for the most part. And while we aren’t out of the woods, we are in much better shape than a lot of people now. At least he is living in the reality of a changing situation and not trying to please an audience of one.

Entrance Flags to WWII Memorial Photo by Mike Hartley

He leads by example. He pulls people together for a common cause. He is trying to perform a balancing act and so far has pulled it off. You know he’s working for the majority because he seems to piss off people at both ends of the extremes. But he really does rely on all of us in this area to stay smart and stay apart as much as possible. So it’s in our hands as much as his.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I have only one thing to say to people who like winter. Ha Ha. It’s a pleasant 92 degrees now. Of course, that feels like temp is 97. May I repeat Ha Ha like that character in the Simpsons does.
  • The batteries are charged. Some night photo works this evening.
  • RIP Hugh Downs. Always liked him.
  • I hear the airlines are trying to fill every seat again. Another reason I won’t be flying anywhere anytime soon.

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