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BBQ Weekend

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An intimate gathering today for the 4th of July at my Daughter and Son inlaws home. He got a new grill but the skills he brought to it were honed well before this feast he prepared.

Photo by Mike Hartley

He had some baby back ribs that were spot on. I really enjoyed the taste of them and by far and I can’t wait to sample some of his cooking again. Of course, I also downed a burger and a couple of ears of corn which was also done on the grill. I think there were some salads I also partook in. Oh yeah, a big helping of baked beans and baked potato. Woops, almost forgot that popcorn shrimp we had as an appetizer. Oh yeah, just to make sure I ate healthily, I had a few veggies and dip before that meal.

But I plan on blowing the calorie count but having a slice of the above cake in a short bit.

My Son inlaw is the Pit Boss. Photo by Mike Hartley

I realized how lucky I am being able to see my children and all of us being safe so far. All of us are pretty cautious with this virus stuff. I feel for those alone or away from family. These health care workers have to separate from their families to keep them safe as they treat the sickest of us at risk to their own peril. That is sacrifice and dedication to cause.

We continue to be so selfish though and not all do what is best. I guess we all have been spoiled too long. It’s going to get tougher long before it starts getting better. So buckle up for the ride.

Had a good meal from The Canopy on Rt 40 last night. The quality and service are outstanding. I’ve been going there for decades but I forget how many years back I had a run of bad luck and I started to visit Mission BBQ. But the past few years its been top-notch and I’m going to start going there more than Mission BBQ.

The Canopy Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Fireworks are over. Everyone count their fingers and toes.
  • Nice full moon. 5 decades ago that would have meant something different.
  • The more images I take, the happier I am. And if I have some time to listen to some tunes it’s a good day.
  • I feel the need, the need for speed. Well, not real speed just some tooling around. If I wanted real speed I’ll have to borrow my friend’s Vette. But then I’ll have to spring 1K for a new set of rear tires.

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