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I’m watching, excuse me, thinking about someone isolated from us medically who is dear. This is the second time this year and it is devastating to watch and be part of. The toll that takes on the person alone in care is one of the silent tragedies of this pandemic. The pain I see in families and friends can’t be measured.

All the normal routines are not possible at hospitals and care facilities. Rotating visits so they aren’t alone. Holding a hand. Being able to make eye contact. Hearing their voice or just them breathing. Sharing a laugh or bad hospital food. Looking at pictures and cards or the beauty of flowers sent by loved ones and friends together or remembering past experiences.

Or in the worst case, not being there as a calming presence for them to leave in peace.

Looking for another sole. Photo by MIke Hartley

Being able to thank the health care team face to face can’t be done except over a phone by most except maybe the one person allowed in. I’m sure the medical people miss the personal thank you’s and hugs from families. Hearing the news talk about medical staffing shortages due to infections/exposures or just the numbers of patients overwhelming the area hospitals and care facilities is so distressing when you have someone in their care. People should not be alone at critical points in life and death.

Rules on visitations change in levels of restrictions or just aren’t allowed. And I understand and accept them. What is better for the whole outweighs the needs of the one. I’ve always believed and lived by that as my parents taught me. But there is a real and painful flip side of that coin.

Alone with one’s thoughts. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m dismayed thought by the indifference towards all this suffering. No, not being able to eat out at a restaurant or attend a concert or a big party or football game. I’m talking about medical life and death kind of suffering. I can’t believe simple steps can’t be taken to benefit the whole. I can’t believe we can be so selfish. We have been faced with a great test and we have failed. And we are about to fail another exam in keeping the basics for large groups of people. Food and a roof over their heads to name the most important.

Children going to school is the least of our worries. How many aren’t getting a meal? How many are being abused or maybe just left alone because someone has to work two jobs to stay above water?

The emotional and physical problems brought on by stress over losing a job, maybe a loved one, and being ALONE. Help fight people’s feeling of Isolation.

Adrift. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m trying to reach out to people. More calls, more writing, more text. Just trying my part to keep my wide circle of people intact and healthy. And especially to the ones alone.

I was at my first Zoom memorial service this week. It was a wonderful event because it was a wonderful person being honored. But it was great to see so many people’s faces at the same event. Many smiling at parts and many crying at other times. And while I couldn’t reach over and grab a hand to comfort someone or put my arm around them, it was good to join together.

So do what you can not only to keep your loved ones safe but also think of the safety of those who are doing the important care of others. Communicate the best possible and with a positive thought about now and think about how much more special it will be when we don’t have to isolate ourselves from each other.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I feel guilty for not keeping up with many blogs I follow. Time to change that feeling.
  • I also feel guilty about not keeping my posting rhythm up to speed. I had better get to work.
  • You know what’s cool. Having a friend post a photo on Facebook you’ve taken of them and see a good number of people comment on what a good shot it is. And remaining silent about it because you took it in hopes of making that person happy and the comments add to their joy.
  • Finding old family images is like finding a diamond in a mine.

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