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The 2021 workweeks begin

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I was just getting mentally prepared for the workweek to begin this evening when I realized it’s the first one of the new year. In some ways I’m excited, and in some ways, I have fears about the coming year. Our company is doing well and the role our small group fills is still needed. The work I do has more than met their needs and then some so I don’t fear performance issues.

What I do worry about is what happens after June. I’m one of the extremely fortunate people that has been able to work from home. And so far June is the tentative date the office may reopen. And I’m sure that is subject to change as previous dates were. But at some point, if I look at a rosy medical future for all of us the office will reopen.

When will the sunset on my work from home life? I like this sunset from my front door. Photo by Mike Hartley

That is when it gets serious again. Do I want to do that commute to DC again? Well, that is one of the easiest answers in the world. Hell NO. Will I have the ability to convince the company to let me finish my career from home? Will I be able to turn my hate for that commute into background noise and resume that trip if needed? I only have a few more years and I’ll do what’s best for the family but I dread the day I’d have to get in the car on a cold winter day with precipitation falling and do a hundred mile round trip again.

Anyway, that isn’t till at least 6 months out so let’s concentrate on the near future. I have to start working on minimizing the impact of the night hours I work and then flipping back to a daytime schedule on the weekends. Eating better and trying harder to get some proper rest. Which means I’ve got to make an effort to get my body to cooperate. So I think I’ll start with a little treadmill and some exercises I saw that might do this body good.

But really as I’ve been writing this and thinking about the job that pays the bills, I’m also thinking of my own 2021 workweek. The goals and results from this are much more satisfying. And therefore deserve some attention and planning. So my hobbies and health are going to get a lot of attention this year.

One of my goals is to have a fresh image or series for each day’s post. And after a few days in a row of shooting, I’m starting to get up thinking about picking up the cameras and what I might do each day. Getting those creative juices flowing feels good.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I like the Xmas lights in my basement. I don’t think I’ll take them down till next weekend.
  • When you have a moment to nap during the day you can’t. When you don’t have the time you could fall asleep in a second.
  • I love seeing wood take shape. Especially if it turns out better than I saw and thought.
  • I’m staying isolated as much as possible but I love taking a ride in the car.
  • Change is feeling good.

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