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No Sun this afternoon

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Tropical storm Elsa is on our doorstep this evening. I see we are under a tornado watch. The heavy rains are just beginning but the winds are still moderate. People have been bringing outdoor furniture in and I see some businesses closing up early.

A good night to stay in, watch the NBA Finals game 2, and see the storm go by. I love watching weather events, but I’m more partial to the good days. So here is to a quick recovery from the storm and a good weekend ahead. I’m going to be out early and I hope there is a good sunrise.

I have a few other thoughts, but I’ll check in tomorrow morning with them because the winds are starting to pick up and power might be an issue in the next few hours as the storm center passes over us. Good luck to those north of us and a peaceful evening to all.

Hoping for a beautiful sunrise tomorrow. Photo by Mike Hartley.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • If I achive nothing else in my senior years I’ll be a happy man if my children and grandchildren have good memories with me.
  • Watching a childs first ammusement ride is a memory I won’t forget.
  • I hope CP3 gets his championship.
  • A best friend went under the knife today. I wish him a speedy and complete recovery.
  • Time to warm up some leftover pizza.

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