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Peaceful mornings

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It was nice to have a Saturday morning where I didn’t have to jump up and get moving on chores or get ready to go someplace. But I do have one unpleasant mission and that is to work out the surgically repaired shoulder again today. I don’t want to get yelled at when I return to PT this week for not doing my homework.

That peaceful easy feeling. Photo by Mike Hartley

The mornings are the worst after it hasn’t been used all night to start stretching it out again first thing. Such is life though and I’ll continue to do what they ask because I’d like to get full range and use out of it again.

Hoping everyone has a smooth sailing Saturday. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Seeing my best friends recharges me.
  • In a few short days Aaron Rodgers has gone from one of the NFL’s most popular players one of it’s least. More proof that you can really be good at a profession but still and idiot in life. Not only that the team and the NFL also have given preferentional treatment knowing he isn’t vacinated and making up rules as they go along for him and having another set for other players.
  • Seeing my children and grandchildren completes me.
  • An extra hour of sleep tonight. I could do without the time changes we have here.

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