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The shovel

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Well, it was bound to happen, enough snow to shovel. The shoulder is feeling pretty good and this snow wasn’t deep enough that I couldn’t snowplow (just push the shovel along for distance) most of it. There might be 4-5 inches of fresh powder out there today. And with temps staying below freezing it wasn’t going anywhere unless I did it.

The snow-covered roof of the barn on Bethany Lane. Photo by Mike Hartley

That cold wind though was tough to avoid. I hope there are some young kids around the neighborhood when I get older. I’m closer to that day that I’ll need help or equipment to accomplish it instead of a shovel. And that will be a depressing day. I actually enjoy that exercise.

I was thinking of going to Arlington Cemetery Sunday morning but now they are calling for freezing rain. Guess I’ll have to do snow pictures another day. Might have to see what tomorrow looks like. I discovered snow shots were one season I was lacking in pictures from there.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The more hope I have the happier I am. Because with hope there is optimism.
  • Still see a lot of cars/suv’s that people still don’t clean off before going out. Pretty much status quo, people doing what they want to or don’t.
  • Gamble – do I wait in the pharmcey line where there are 8 cars or go into the store and see what the line is there. I went in, one person at the counter finishing up. Step right up, out in 3 minutes. I’ll have to keep that in mind, people don’t like getting out of their cars in the cold.
  • Ledo pizza is still one of my favorites.

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