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Dentist Day

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Usually, my dental trips are short. A cleaning every 6 months and life is good. I think I’ve had 3 cavities in my life if my memory serves me correctly. Apparently, my luck has run out because I’ve got 2 chipped teeth and 2 others that need attention. He asked if I had developed a serious sugar habit during the last year. Well now that I think about it yes. He asked if I was still drinking a lot of Cokes (he knows me, he lives down the street) and I said yes.

Then he gave me the best information on what the Cokes are doing to my teeth. This leads to a serious dilemma. You see I like my choppers. I don’t like having any issues with my choppers. I like Cokes, lots of them over a full lifetime. I would have been smart to take stock in Coke as a young man.

Which raises the question, how can these two coexist? I’m not the best with lifestyle adjustments. I like what I like. But I like life and health so I’ll probably make some changes. So bear with me as I attempt to adjust.

sha Sha SHa SHA SHARK!!! Photo by Mike Hartley

It was great putting shorts on again the last two days. The kind of weather I love but short-lived and the sweats will have to come back out. But hope has been restored that the seasons of joy are at the doorstep.

Time to emerge from my long winter hibernation. And this season I’m feeling extra thankful. Watching the news of millions suffering in the world gives me pause. When I think about complaining about anything I get quiet. We are so spoiled as Americans. Yeah, high gas prices hurt. But we kind of brought this on ourselves. We all became part of the world system and relied on other parts of the world to supply certain needs because it was CHEAPER. And now the world is out of the balance it relies on for certain items.

It’s time to adjust again and it won’t be a fast process for some things. I guess it’s time to tighten the belt a little, suck it up, adjust and be happy with some new realities for a while.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • It’s seeming like it’s harder to find a silver lining in things.
  • Don’t you just love it when you have been in a little funk to start to snap out of it.
  • Heres a good way to look at things. If you weren’t hungry, had a roof over your head and weren’t under fire, you had a good day.
  • I found something worse about having to go to the dentist. Having to schedule a followup appointment for more work shortly after.

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