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A Friday Funday

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It was Friday Funday. We got to spend it with our granddaughter playing the many games she likes and teaching her new ones, like the other day, I was teaching her to somersault. She hadn’t seen one yet so I just got on the floor and realized I hadn’t done one in a few decades.

I made sure to clear the landing area and gave it a try. Her face lit up and she immediately started to tuck her head. Of course, I was recovering from the dizziness of the spin this body just went through. That cleared after a second and she did a few and loved them.

Today we worked on the balance beam. A 2×4 on the floor. Everything was going well till my knee twisted but I powered through and I think she had a wonderful day.

Bay Bridge center span at sunrise. Photo by MIke Hartley

No more Baltimore City for this kid. I didn’t care for people touching my car ages ago and I don’t want people touching it now. Unfortunately, some people aren’t familiar with “No Thank You” and will still go for your windows and expect a tip.

So you get what you got yesterday, someone gets out of the car with a bat and gets shot. I’m not comfortable with strangers walking up on me anyway, let alone touching my property. If they don’t stop it something like this is going to happen again and again.

The violence before this had turned me off from even thinking about heading downtown. It’s a real shame because we used to enjoy the city a lot.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Summer is my kind of season. I think I’ll schedule another week of vacation very soon.
  • I’m already burnt out on the political commercials already.
  • I think it’s a shrimp and grits type of evening.
  • I was listening to some Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers early this morning and realized I never saw them live. Thus providing me another reason to kick myself in the ass today in addition to that fall.

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