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Zoom Zoom

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No not the Zoom-Zoom Mazda commercial. No not the meeting application. A zoom lens for a camera is what I’m thinking about this day. And in particular the one I purchased for my D7100 Nikon years ago. I got greedy and went for longer zoom at a price. An 18-300 3.5-5.6 that I both love and hate.

Going to give this some exercise tomorrow. Photo by Mike Hartley

Oh don’t get me wrong, this is the best equipment I’ve ever owned. I’m very thankful to have it. Especially when my other digital camera is about 15 years old and nowhere near the quality. Truth be told I haven’t fully utilized the equipment I do have but I’m striving to do better.

When I purchased it weight wasn’t an issue. It’s become more of one with my back. I also used to be a pretty good human tripod. Those days aren’t as common anymore and I know I don’t have the steady hands I used to. So I’m going to have to get used to using a real tripod for a change. In some ways, I think that will both help and hurt my shooting.

Photo by Mike Hartley

I like to move around but I also need to think more before shooting and maybe picking a few angles instead of looking at all of them will help me do better with my compositions.

I’m no expert judge on the quality of this glass but I do like the sharpness in good light. Low light leaves a bit to be desired but with the range comes to some sacrifices.

300 focal length. Photo by Mike Hartley

The zoom gets very tight in cold weather. Almost unusable if out for any long duration. Overall I’m pleased with it but I wonder if I should have held out for faster lenses and fixed focal lengths.

At the time of purchase, it was exactly what I thought I needed. And given that same criteria and time, I probably would have done the same thing. But today What I do know is I’m going to wear that thing out in the coming years. But my next lens will be much faster.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Before I ask you “Who are you” I should first know “Who am I.”
  • I love working with people smarter than me. Even the 3-year-old granddaughter has no problem telling me when I’m wrong.
  • If we were really interested in health care we could be fixing our sick medical system.
  • The looming crisis. Not enough health, police, and teachers. It’s bad now and about to get worse.
  • Maybe these coming crises will be the thing that pulls us all together. I mean people don’t ask about politics as they get out to help a car crash victim. We don’t ask the police dispatcher which party affiliation they might be sent to deal with someone breaking into your home. Or our doctor before they surgically repair your knee. I don’t care what party the teacher is from as long as they are a good person, a good imparter of knowledge that inspires learning, is supportive and one you would be proud to have your child look up to because of their kindness and compassion.
  • As you can tell I had no time for today’s post. It makes me wonder if I should skip some days instead of rushing things.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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