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Mode of Travel

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Today’s writing prompt for Bloganuary is “What is your preferred mode of Travel?” Sometimes questions like this leave you between 2 or 3 choices. Not me, there is only one way I prefer to travel now and that is driving in my convertible Miata. Be it longer trips or A to B. That is my love now. 30-40 years ago the answer would have been by motorcycle but the comfort of a car and a convertible and a sporty feel makes it a clear favorite.

Driving puts you in control of the schedule and route to get to your destination. If you don’t want to go at peak travel times you don’t have to. Stops along the way are your choice and you get to meet people from different areas. Driving allows you to see the land. Take in the smells of different regions, and feel the different temperatures as you change elevations. It’s hard to make out what is what at 30,000 feet.

When it’s clean. Photo by Mike Hartley

When I’m traveling I’m most comfortable when I’m in control of the vehicle. Anytime I relinquish that it’s a level of discomfort.

I didn’t like riding a bus when I went to school and that dislike continues to this day. Oh, I can ride a bus from a hotel to a church or reception but not travel travel.

It’s not that I don’t fly we do. It does get you there very fast (well at least my personal interaction with airlines) and it’s safer, but when you factor in parking, travel to the terminal, lines for baggage, and security and boarding. Oh and deplaning and baggage pickup and rent a car and off again. And then there is the part I’m not thrilled with like leaving the ground and returning to the ground and that time in between.

I’ll never be the cruise ship type. Even before the pandemic, I shuttered at the thought of being on one of those many cruises where tons of people are locked away in closet-sized cabins having severe stomach distress for days and paying thousands of $$ for the pleasure. And even if that doesn’t transpire you have mother nature. Repeat after me, hurricanes, rogue waves, your in a boat in the middle of nowhere.

There is one mode of travel that I thought about expanding upon in the future though and that is train travel. We took a train to Philly for a wedding last year and that went great. I’m looking forward to riding the Scenic Railway out in Western Maryland this year. I’m also thinking of taking the train (because the thought of driving in NYC doesn’t appeal to me) to New York City to see the 9/11 memorial and some other sights. I also see there are some wonderful scenic trains out west.

So there it is my fears and phobias about modes of travel and my preferred mode of travel that really gets me excited. And this thought about travel has got me more excited about the coming year.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • A better mental start to the day was made, which is always a big difference. A good night’s rest for a change was probably the catalyst.
  • It’s a bacon morning.
  • That cold wind this morning didn’t have that usual crisp and clean feel to it, almost like an angry feeling.
  • You know it’s going to be a good day when you get a picture of your son asleep and his dog asleep by his head and sitting a foot is his infant son who is sitting up wide awake and happy smiling at mom while she’s snapping the picture.

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