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Stupor Bowl Sunday

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I would say enjoy the game but that might not be possible for some of you. I think I heard there are 800 possible bets you can place on the game. And given the explosion of legalized online gambling in this state and many others many people will be cheering for their bets instead of one of the two teams.

They may say they have a favorite but that is probably based on the bet. I love sports but I found when I gambled I didn’t enjoy it as much. Luckily this lesson was learned early in life. I won’t be one of the people signing up for these sports betting apps. But I worry about the masses that will get in trouble with it.

I have a rather addictive personality and I don’t want a gambling problem. I’m guessing this is going to be a major issue in very short order. The huge sums that are spent on advertising and shows by these companies are going to come out of someone’s pockets and that could be yours. Actually, the odds are good it will be yours.

Photo by Mike Hartley

We all fear there is a significant part of the population that will get in deep trouble with this. I don’t disagree it’s fun and that a lot of intelligent people have a lot of fun doing it and not too much detriment. But just like booze and drugs, some people will lose control, some very bad and crash and burn in tragic ways.

After doing some brief searches about the amounts gambled in the US each year it’s staggering. And I’m not going to list numbers because I doubt anyone knows the actual number of legal and illegal gambling. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we put that to better use? I mean whose well-being do you want to contribute to, some fat cat casino executive and his team or filthy rich cronies or maybe people in your own neighborhood who could use a meal?

It’s funny also how the major league sports flipped on their statements to never be involved with organized gambling. Now they are in bed together full tilt. And if you think all these humungous sums of money won’t affect the future of some events you’re living in la la land.

Think about this, who is going to expose someone who is caught cheating? If the league catches someone are they going to make it public? If they do every game and bet is going to become suspect and that means people won’t bet if they think it’s fixed and the leagues and betting organizations can’t allow that because they will both lose HUGE sums of money.

Maybe another angle to look at is you might not be able to touch these guys in the majors making millions who do really enjoy playing the game and would never consider cash for poor play, but the officials who don’t make those millions or not enough not to require a second full-time job. Is someone going to reach out to them? And is there some regulation these officials can’t bet?

Oh, by the way, you might want to call the Baseball Hall of Fame and have them give Pete Rose a call and say “Come on Down”. And what the hell, let the steroid guys in if were making up the rules as we go along.

This is about money and lots of it. Integrity or ethics or principles are all being bent.

I’m wise enough to know that gambling has a long history. It’s always been one of the great vices. So we got to ask ourselves knowing this is going to ruin and probably end some people’s lives and greatly affect others who are in families with these people or at least alter their possible futures do we go full speed ahead? Well, sorry for that, cats out of the bag, and those fine print disclaimers and the gambling 800 number won’t be able to help a lot of people. Now we just have to wait to see how deep the problem gets and think about solutions.

You know I can’t find much difference between the pharmaceutical executives who flooded our society with Oxy and other drugs knowingly killing many for just vast sums of money and the gambling and sports executives now planning to get rich off of another segment of society.

Greed is ugly. I’m sorry if I’ve been on this rant before but it’s worrisome to me.

I’m not looking for a big win. I’m just looking to spend some time on a bike at the beach a few weeks a year. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Dogs can look into your heart.
  • The king of all snack days is upon us. I’m trying to moderate.
  • Yep, this is definitely the last Super Bowl I work, even if I’m still employed next year. Time to remember how the vast majority lives.
  • Any week I get to make my grandchildren laugh is a great week for me.

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