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Step away

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I had to step away from the news today. Sometimes working in that business gets a bit overwhelming. What is also becoming overwhelming is the feeling that nothing can be done to change the gun lobby’s power over politicians. And therefore no effective change in any gun legislation.

Quiet time. Photo by Mike Hartley

Maybe I can make a dent in other issues and hope others change their minds about assault rifles. Long as we all keep working on our own corners of the world to make it better. And the choice of things that need attention and help is almost infinite. So let me get busy trying to help a cause and people and get in positive spirits again.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I don’t have it today. Maybe tomorrow
  • Congrats on a fine season to both the Men’s and Women’s teams at the University of Maryland.
  • If I can make it through April and May, the rest of the year is cake.
  • I feel bad and stressed when my children get sick. Now that stress is ratcheted up with grandchildren also under the weather.
  • The need for a snowball tomorrow is peaking.

The Stroll –

A short walk today

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