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Miscellaneous Sunday

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This is the first real weekend I’ve had in a while. Most are fairly short or packed with activities. Yes, I was busy with a few errands but overall it was a relaxing and fulfilling time. I do miss seeing my children on a holiday weekend but we have to share and do so willingly. We get a majority of the holidays being most inlaws are out of town.

And while it’s a holiday season for many we work every Easter Sunday every year. And no it’s not a company-observed holiday. So we deal with it. Hopefully, it will be a quiet shift.

Seafood and Summer go together. Fresh crabs and oysters. Many types of fish. The fresh tuna from offshore and rockfish from the bay. The mention of shrimp, scallops, and lobster all set the tastebuds yelling YES and to bring the butter.

Sing it LOUD. Photo by Mike Hartley

I think I’m going to try to get to Pappas Restaurant this month. I have a taste for one of their crabcakes.

Walmarts –

I was reading a long thread on area Walmart stores on NextDoor (a source of great entertainment). The original complaint was long lines at checkout and limited cashiers. And of course, it dissolved quickly into complaints about customer service. About young people not wanting to work. about illegal immigrants taking the jobs and then quitting to get unemployment (yeah I loved this one). About poor store management or that it was some political official’s fault and on and on and on.

Well to all that noise I answer all of you with this. I think there is an old adage about the rule of 3 (good cheap and fast) and you can only have 2. At Walmart, you apparently only get one. The big box places have reduced or killed some old locally owned businesses. It happened long ago.

I didn’t like it when the first Walmart went into Ellicott City. I refuse to shop at any Walmart. I only go to Home Depot or Lowes if I can’t get it a Clarks Hardware. The oldest hardware in the state they say. Even if they have to order it or I pay a few more dollars than the other place. Customer service is always there and has been from the start and that is why they are still here today and why I patronize them.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • To all celebrating Easter, Passover, and Ramadan a good day.
  • I missed posting yesterday by 10 minutes. Broke over a hundred-day streak. That will teach me to take a nap late at night.
  • Last week was nice. Hoping to improve on it again this week.
  • I’m always sad when our pet-sitting time is over not having a pet of our own anymore.

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