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Why yes it is

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What a great day it was. And the next two are going to be wonderful also. Don’t know that for a fact but figured I’d try to keep the streak going.

Just a few images from Chesapeake City from a while back. I think I’ll pay the town another visit this summer and try to get some more shots this summer.

Photos by Mike Hartley

Going UP. Photo by Mike Hartley

Sometimes family visits are rushed. It’s rare to have a full day of time with your grandchildren and visits and meals with both of your own children. One of those very special days just filled with love and laughter and toys and water spraying and many more games.

A day where I’m not sure who is more worn out, the grandparents or the grandchildren. I’m imagining the bedtimes won’t be that far apart. I guess we are at that perfect age for grandparents, still strong enough to care for children all-day, mentally sharp, and helping them learn, play, and love. It’s a wonderful time.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Back to reality tomorrow and a long list of chores.
  • There is a method to this madness. I just have to remember where I wrote it down.
  • It’s like the invasion of the ants this year so far. I’m keeping them at bay but the numbers this year seem to exceed anything I’ve seen before.
  • Hugs from children can change a difficult week into a good one.

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