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This haze and unhealthy air quality are issues today. The smoke from those Canadian wildfires makes its presence known here in Maryland. I did find a government site that tracks air quality by state. My condolences to those with respiratory issues. I’m not in the best shape in that area but I can make due.

Ran a few errands today and was outside for a little bit but my eyes started to itch. The smoke wasn’t as low as the below photo, but it was obscuring distant treelines pretty well. I hope it blows away soon, I’d like to spend some time outside this weekend.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Wearing a smile is a lot easier than the alternatives. A lot more attractive also.
  • I’m pumped because I get to celebrate this coming holiday.
  • I give Quest Labs in Ellicott City my highest rating for ease of use, and great staff that are experts at blood draws. You might think this isn’t so special until you hit someone inexperienced at your doctor’s office and have multiple holes in your arms and hands.
  • After today’s decision by the SCOTUS, we can move forward and make things better than it was or go backward and create more inequities in our country. We can recover from this. The universities themselves could have positive solutions. Then again greed, money, and discrimination might get in the way again.

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