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Beach town

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One of my many favorite towns in Maryland is Ocean City. I love it for many reasons. From coming here as a child to playing with my grandchildren on the beach this year. My favorite month is September when the water is still warm but the crowds have cleared out and streets and beaches aren’t packed.

We tend to do a week in the summer with the family but spring and fall are wonderful also. The town used to close up after the summer season pretty much but things are staying open much longer now before and after the summer season.

Always a nice sight pulling into town. Photo by Mike Hartley

I know a ton of people don’t like it. I’m kind of glad those who don’t like it don’t come. I’m into positive waves during the summer, not negative ones. But apparently, a lot more do love it because it’s always packed during the summers and even into the off-season. We have met some wonderful people who are year-round residents.

I love eating down de ocean. The food here is great. So many different styles and of course fresh Maryland blue crabs. Some of my favorite ice cream shops like Dumsers. The things for the kids to do is endless. From shops, the boardwalk, amusement parks, and games.

I love the beach, it calls me all year long. But the pool is also a nice change of pace and being I don’t have one any longer it’s a real treat to swim in one again.

But it’s the dedicated time with family that really counts in my book. Be it playing a game together or a daily walk and meals in addition to the beach and pool time. Seeing the smiles. Hearing the laughter. Watching kids discover or be amazed or just jump for joy when they are playing miniature golf.

It’s a wonderful place in my life and I hope I have many more days with family in the coming years to enjoy it again.

3 generations of my family. I’ve been talking about weight loss a bit recently. I finally saw a picture of myself and I’m no longer looking pregnant. Photo by my Daughter in Law. Thank you.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I never joined Twitter and ever since Musk purchased it I certainly would never consider it now. I’m no fan of Zuckerberg either but I might give this Threads a try just to see what those apps are about. Probably a time waster and if so I’ll quickly jettison it but trying to live and learn as I go.
  • I have a taste for pizza tonight.
  • People who have no interest in the truth are not people I want to be around.

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