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Backup plan

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I have a weak backup plan for a number of things now that I look at myself. Flowers seem to be great at it. Seems like every time I see one I just look and see more. Part of my old role in System Administration a decade ago was backups. Huge tape library systems and many disk-to-disk-to-disk systems. I’ve been out of it for a while so I’ve forgotten some very important lessons. Two are not enough backups if that information or system is that important.

Strong start today again. Just not on my hobbies. Photo by Mike Hartley

I think I’ll start one here by trying to get some blog posts ready a few days in advance. I never know when events of the day will overtake me. Plus it might get me thinking about better and more interesting content. Now that I have my own phone I’ve downloaded the WordPress app and might give that a whirl soon. That is a last resort because I hate typing on my smartphone. But at least I have an alternative now.

My cameras have made me think about backup there also. I’ve got a card reader now so I can get the images off my Nikon so that is still my primary. My old Kodak now is flaking out in the transfer of image so I’ve switched to reading that card also. But it has other issues that are showing its days are numbered.

The iPhone has taken the number two spot on visual capture devices. And then there is the computer. My largest exposure to risk, I only have one. Well, I do have two work computers here but I’ve always kept personal/professional separate. So time is nearing for that purchase.

I believe this is a Callo Lily. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m starting the weekend this morning. No, I’m not taking days off, my workweek finishes at 6 am EST Thursday mornings. Just finished a 12-hour shift. Sore, tired, and burnt crispy are just a few adjectives that might make a good description of me right now. Not going to let work or chores or other obligations get to me even though it’s been a brutal week, I have a lot of work to do before I get to some enjoyment.

I’m just in the weekend mindset and spirit. So I put the headphones on because I’ve been too busy to listen to much of any music the last few days while waiting for the morning dew to lift from the grass and thought I’d knock out a few words and images.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’ve got about two months of prime weather to take advantage of.
  • Some mornings listening to some old Van Halen this early might seem counterintuitive. But that ripping guitar has me ready to run through walls and the sun hasn’t been up for more than a few minutes.
  • Can’t wait to put the top down for a ride today and go through that set of gears a few times. But first the mowing. Still riding and a convertible also but not as much fun
  • When I go to the dermatologist soon I’m sure I’m going to hear crap about my tan. I’ve gotten really dark this year.

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